Our Story

The name “The Well” comes from the Bible, in the book of John, chapter 4.  This chapter tells the story of Jesus’ encounter with a woman (we don’t even get to know her name) at the community well.  Society’s rules forbid Jesus to have a conversation with this woman, but as he often did, Jesus disregarded those rules.  Jesus was waiting at the well. As he conversed with the woman, he revealed the truth about himself and revealed truth about her.  He even taught her a little about worshiping God.

We believe that Jesus continues to meet people today.  We believe Jesus continues to defy the expectations of our culture and the rules of our society as he loves.  Jesus continues to reveal the truth about himself and the truth about us.  He continues to teach us about worshiping God.

We are learning to worship God in spirit and in truth.  We believe that The Well is a place where you can experience the depth of God's love through worship, community, and mission.

The Well is the vision of the people of First United Methodist Church in Long Beach, Mississippi.  Our heart is to share the depth of God's love with people who may not have experienced Him yet. We also wish to welcome those who have not yet found a family in Christ to worship with or those who are just visiting and are in-between destinations.

The Story of The Well is just beginning.  We would love for you to come and join us in the telling of this story.

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