7-28-19: “What You Intended for Evil, God Intended for Good”, Genesis 50:14-21, Rev. Ben Barlow

7-21-19: “VBS Recap: Interview with Six Story Tellers”, Rev. Ben Barlow

7-14-19: “Joseph: Father and Son Reunited Parallel to Prodigal Son”, Genesis 46, Rev. Ben Barlow

7-7-19: “Joseph: Grace vs. Revenge”, Genesis 45, Rev. Ben Barlow

6-23-19: “Obedience Leads to Success”, Philippians 2:5-11, Rev. Jon Kaufman

6-16-19: “God Is Always with You, Even in Prison”, Genesis 39:20-23, 40:1-23, Rev. Ben Barlow

6-9-19: “Joseph: Integrity Matters”, Genesis 39:1-23, Rev. Ben Barlow

6-2-19: Joseph: You Can Be Faithful in Every Situation, Genesis 39:1-23, Rev. Ben Barlow

5-26-19: Joseph: Jealousy Leads to Destruction, Genesis 37:1-28, Rev. Ben Barlow

5-19-19: Core – Defining our Center: Sacrificial Service, John 13:1-17, Rev. Ben Barlow

5-12-19: Core – Defining our Center: Authentic Community, Acts 2:42-47, Rev. Ben Barlow

5-5-19: Core – Defining our Center: Compelling Worship, Romans 12:1-21, Rev. Ben Barlow

4-28-19: Core – Defining our Center: Engaging the Core, Lori Cripple

4-21-19: Easter Sunday: He Is Risen, Luke 24:1-12 Rev. Ben Barlow

4-14-19: Palm Sunday: A New Kind of King, John 12:12-19, Rev. Ben Barlow

4-7-19: The Gospel: The Gospel Proclaimed, Romans 10:14-15, 15:20, Rev. Ben Barlow

3-31-19: The Gospel: The Gospel Calls, Romans 12:4-21, Rev. Ben Barlow

3-24-19: The Gospel: Reconciliation and Redemption for you and others, 1 Timothy 2:3-6, Rev. Ben Barlow

3-17-19: The Gospel: Freedom from Guilt and Shame, Rev. Jon Kaufman

3-3-19: The Gospel: It’s for Everyone, Rev. Ben Barlow

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